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by Nexoness at 12:58 PM
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Hey guys!

Some small and bigger changes are in progress!
We have decided to change some stuff around, since we don't see the point in some of them.

Sooooo... Lets get started!

Rank Prices
We will change the prices of the ranks in our store! We think some of them are way to overpriced, especially the higher ranks.
The new prices will be like this:
  • Odger $99,99
  • Itoiz $69,99
  • Endor $49,99
  • Iztal $39,99
  • Hippias $19,99
  • Thyra $7,50
As you can see we are working on a extra rank called Endor, this rank will fill in the huge cap between the lower and higher ranks. Since we are adding a new rank, other ranks will also get changed a bit. Those changes will most likely be on the side of Itoiz and Odger.

*Rank upgrades are disabled right now due to an important bug. We are working on this!

Rank Names
We are still looking for the best rank names! If any of you have some cool suggestions.. don't hesitate to tell us! We also have some suggestions...
by Nexoness at 1:59 PM
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Hey guys!

We are testing some new stuff this week!
Some changes are pretty obvious, you have all seen the new donator prefixes, please mind that we are testing them! If there are to much players that dislike the changes then we will change them back. If players like them then they will stay.

The test week will be from the 11th of November until the 18th of November

Current tests:
  • New donator prefixes (open spoiler to see the new ranks)
    [★★Odger★★] Odger – Titan

    [★★Itoiz★★] Itoiz – Deus

    [★Iztal★] Iztal – Immortalis

    [★Hippias★] Hippias – Hero

    [★Thyia★] Thyia – Aethereus
Please give us feedback on the new stuff! (click "continue reading" to cast your vote!)

- Nexoness
by Nexoness at 5:46 PM
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Thanks everyone for your patience!
We have just reset EMT Blue!

All items, maps chests and other stuff have been reset!
All donators received their stuff back, which they bought.
This goes back to 2 months, so if you donated before that you wont get your items back. Ranks wont be lost!

We want the new start to be fair, if we give donators their items back straight away they have a op start. Which is not what we want

Deus: now has 8 homes
Titan: now has 11 homes

Thanks again to everyone for your support!
by Nexoness at 5:28 PM
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Dear players,

As you have probably heard we had a lot of trouble lately. An old staff member called Fragas has spawned in items and made some users admin and owner rank. We have removed most of the things, but couldn't remove the spawned in items.

Due to this we have no choice to have a new reset. We know its hard, but there is no alternative. We cant remove the items that have been spawned into the server.

We have banned Fragas and all his accounts and the users that received the ranks.

The reset will reset everything, chests the map and all other stuff. WE WONT reset ranks, and player who bought items will receive their items again.

We will have the reset at 8 november 2015 (tomorrow)

Exact time:
Amsterdam (Netherlands) CET

Sunday, 8 november 2015, 19:00:00

New York (U.S.A. - New York) EST

Sunday, 8 november 2015, 13:00:00

Los Angeles (U.S.A. -...
by Nexoness at 4:15 PM
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Dear donators and players!

As you probably heard we are working on an update for all donation perks!
But we do need you guys to help us!

We could just go ahead and add items ourselves, but that doesn't help if you guys don't want that. So we would like to know what you guys want to see being added!

Give us suggestions for some new perks, or changes to the already existing ones.

We are looking forward to all of your suggestions!

- Nexoness
by Nexoness at 4:07 PM
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Hello EMT!!!

As it is now the start of the month (uch uch), this means top voter!
Here they are:
  1. @Ballsofire : 120 ($10 coupon code on Buycraft)
  2. @KeenEYEHawk : 119 ($7 coupon code on Buycraft)
  3. @Brucester34 : 74 ($5 coupon code on Buycraft)
Thanks everyone for voting this month, as it really helps us get out there.
All winners will receive their codes by /mail and you can use it on anything in our online store.

Thanks for being awesome.
by SwOwen at 3:00 PM
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We apologise for any problems this may have caused, yet EMT Blue will be down due to plugins being unwilling to co-operate. The server will not be down for longer then a day, but do not fear, the other servers are still up.
by Nexoness at 10:58 AM
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Hey guys!

Another update... well kinda.

Some of you may know that I already had my own server network before I took over EMT. This network is called NexoCraft and consists out of a faction server and a vanilla server. Since I (and my network) took over EMT we suddenly had some extra servers. NexoCraft Green, (or vanilla however you want to call it) has had its ups and downs but stayed online. But now that we have NexoCraft Green and EMT Green we don't see a point in having two almost exact servers.

Therefore we have decided that we will merge NexoCraft Green into EMT Green. This means that players of our NexoCraft server can get their stuff migrated to EMT Green. Except from that we wont make any big changes to the server itself! So don't worry about that!

The only bigger change will be that our NexoCraft Green staff will be transferred to EMT Green. These staff members will (according to the NexoCraft Staff System) only be staff on...
by Nexoness at 3:00 PM
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Hey guys!

Happy Halloween! For this Halloween we have a really nice update!
We will have some really cool events in the future that have been added today! These events are:
  • Crypts
  • Chest event

We are also working on a really cool new spawn! But we couldn't get this ready in time.
In celebration of Halloween we have a limited edition event: Trick or Treat! This special Halloween update will last from this night until Monday

In order to get either a trick or treat you will be able to use /trick or /treat once. This will give you a special limited edition item!

Donation perk update

Many of you guys know that our current donation perks are just shit, paying 159,99 USD for the Titan rank shouldn't give you only 6 extra homes and some other stuff. It should give you waaay more fancy stuff! Therefore I will change all ranks and...
by Nexoness at 8:16 PM
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Hey guys! A new update has arrived! This one is kinda small as it only applies to the website. But as you probably have seen by now we have a new theme! I have been working on this for the whole day and I think that its really cool!

We will also have a really cool update coming for you guys really soon!

Tip: Spooky events!