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by Dan_TheCove at 9:24 AM
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Hello EMT community.

As you've probably noticed by now, EMT now have 2 more servers. Green and PvP.
There will be full documentation of these servers on the forums shortly, but as for now, you can join the servers by entering the portals in the Hub server.

As it is now the start of the month, this means top voter!
Here they are:
  1. xEpicxX: 123 ($25 coupon code on buycraft)
  2. KeenEYEHawk: 120 ($10 coupon code on buycraft)
  3. GavTex99: 113 ($5 coupon code on buycraft)
Thanks everyone for voting this month, as it really helps us get out there.
All winners will receive their codes by /mail and you can use it on anything in our online store.

Thanks for being awesome.
by Dan_TheCove at 10:23 PM
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Hey there players of EpicMineTime!

As it has been a while since the last update, I thought it would be an appropriate time to make another update thread.

Before I start, I'd like to thank everyone who has played on the server the last few weeks, as it's good to see old names who I have not seen for many months, due to the server downtime. I'd also like to thank all those who have donated recently, as with no financial support, EMT would not be online.
So thank you!

Last Man Standing or LMS for short, is a new gamemode that is now out. The aim is to kill off all opponents, and be the last remaining player to gain a reward. I just released a test version of this, and the core mechanics seem to be working fine. However there are a few tweaks and additions I need to make before I fully automate this event and release it officially. Once it is released, there will be a Tweet by @EpicMineTimeMC, so watch out for that.

New Staff
Since our last update, we have...
by Dan_TheCove at 1:26 PM
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We are currently experiencing some host issues. Sorry for any inconvenience, the server is expected to be up again later in the day.

- EMT Staff
by Dan_TheCove at 10:16 PM
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Hey there, the server is now online for the public!

Everyone who previously donated for a rank will get it back. Please send Dan_TheCove a /mail in-game featuring your rank, so that I can give you it once I get on.

If there are any questions, or you find any bugs, please be sure to make a thread in the relevant forum.

Thanks, see you In-game!
by Dan_TheCove at 10:44 AM
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Hello there!
I am currently away right now, which is why the server is not online yet. Most things on the server are complete - spawn, configs and plugins. Then there are certain things that need to be completed - shops, buycraft and last-minute checks before we get the server back online, and open to the public.

We also have votes back up, so if you are wanting to support the server, you are able to by voting, which is the best way to get new players right now. Next month, we will hopefully start the Top Voter coupon code competition again, which will be announced each month. Once it is ready, there will be a thread, giving you more information about the Top Voter competition.

Voting links:
by Nexoness at 12:48 PM
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Hello EpicMineTime!

As you all know, EpicMineTime has been offline quite a while now.
But, today we are proud to announce that EpicMineTime will be up and running under the ownership of @Dan_TheCove! I want to congratulate him with becoming the new EpicMineTime owner, something that has never happened in the EMT history before!

The server will be open for everyone soon! The IP won't be changed but the server will. We will announce more about this soon.

The website will be managed by myself @Nexoness. I'll be working on the forums, twitter and all sorts of online stuff. The website will have a huge improvement and changes!

Stay tuned for more updates on our website or follow us on twitter! @EpicMineTimeMC
We hope to see you all on the server very soon!

Kind regards,